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Singer who soared to the single Let Sex, Aura Kasih, admitted if he had never questioned the sexy image that is always attached to it. On the assumption that he is a figure of satisfying her lust, her full name Sanny Aura Syahrani firmly refused.

When encountered by the event's birthday DEFEATED, Aura which appears white with a transparent fashion to explain, that sexy image is a professional obligation, without artificial. "I'm what the course, the problem is not fashion contrived, just very simple, people want to say sexy or something, not nothing," he said.

Meanwhile, about the assumption of many that he intentionally spit her sexuality, as a hot girl with the title, the virgin who had been associated with Ariel Peterpan was denied. "visits had meant anything, did I make a movie like in 70s, I think if I do not deserve exactly like that, but if you say sexy okay," he said.

Aura Kasih is a newcomer singer in the Indonesian music scene. Virgin birth Bandung, February 23, 1988 released her first album, MALAIKAT PENGGODA in 2008. Miss Indonesia 2007 finalists represent the province of Lampung Marii Bercintaa favor songs on her first album. This song is known by a single dance-hall.

Aura had reportedly close to the vocalist Samsons, Bams Samsons, also with Pasha Ungu and Ariel Peterpan. Although it denied the girl who starred in the film helped ASMARA dua DIANA released in December 2008.

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