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After the joint women like Luna Maya, now appeared like a hot video with Cut Tari Ariel. Erlangga criminologist Masdiana see any possibility of being blackmailed by the emergence of Ariel-emergence of the exciting video.

Possible Ariel reportedly extorted it appears because the former vocalist Peter handphone was missing. If it really is a man in a porn video is Ariel, the videos could be taken from the lost phone.

"If that's likely, then, Ariel became the victim of extortion, exploitation," said detikhot grants when contacted by phone Tuesday (08/06/2010).

People who squeeze, that will be imposed Ariel article extortion or defamation. However, to imprison the offender, 'singer' Di Balik Awan 'it should tell the police.

"Because it's defamation complaint, yes," he explained.

It's just to uncover the perpetrators of extortion, according to the grants, would be easier if there is interaction with the blackmailer. If there was no interaction, it was difficult to detect acts of extortion.

Hot videos like Ariel and Cut Tari circulating on the Internet since Tuesday (06/08/2010) early days. Video was made on 18 November 2006.

After Luna Maya, now a hot video like Ariel and Cut Tari crowded discussed in Twitter. I was so excited, the name Cut Tari up so Trending topics on Twitter. Cut Tari current name is at number seven Trending topics.

The Twitter user, curious about the authenticity of the video. Some of them are still there who asked where to see the latest exciting video of a man like Ariel's.

Some more of them, one is sure if it's true video star Ariel and Cut Tari.

There is also a question regarding the status of Cut ngetweet Tari. "Cut tari not already married already have children? Still happens naughty!," He wrote.

Until now Cut Tarii could not be contacted for confirmation about the video that is currently circulating. Meanwhile, Ariel, when its management to be contacted by phone on Tuesday (06/08/2010). refused to comment anything.

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