VIDEO SYUR Luna Maya-Ariel..HOT

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VIDEO SYUR Luna Maya-Ariel
VIDEO SYUR Luna Maya-Ariel
Video nasty Luna Maya and Ariel apparently easily found on the internet. Even the video can be found in a variety of formats.

Information about these videos is already rife, as rampant with the circulation of the video on the internet. Twitter is a medium that quite often to discuss the video nasty. Unfortunately until now about the video hashtag Luna Maya and Ariel has not been able to occupy the highest position in the list of Twitter Trending topic.

Although not included in the list Trending topic, but the link on the circulation of this video nasty enough. Most of them refer to a blog that presents sample images of Luna Maya and Ariel without clothing. Unfortunately, the image is JPEG format only.

As with the picture on the blog, a file sharing site called RapidShare is one medium that stores the video. Rapidshare video store two parts with different capacit and duration. Known, both the video is closely related to each other.

The first video with the headline-Ariel Lunamaya has a capacity of up to seven megabytes and a duration of only 2 minutes 37 seconds with the MP4 format. Whereas the second video with the same canopy, has a capacity of 18MB, with a duration of nearly seven minutes MP4 format.

An other video, 3GP format is also circulating on the internet with a capacity of 4MB and a duration of nearly seven minutes.

The video will be a topic of lively discussion on Twitter. Many people are curious about the video, which then responded by bringing up a link that can be downloaded.

Is the person in the video were true Luna and Ariel unclear. Maybe just two celebrity couples that become victims of fraudulent people in cyberspace. Until now the Ariel and Luna can not be reached for confirmation

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